Livewire – Finding ‘the next Afterpay’

07 Oct 2019

Opportunities for exponential growth don’t come along very often. As we learned recently, it requires the right product, the right team, great timing, and a little bit of luck. But in today’s globalised and interconnected world, when the stars do align, the explosion in growth can surprise even the most bullish of investors.

We recently reached out to three contributors to ask them which undiscovered stock has the same attributes they see in Afterpay, and in this article, we learn about two of those stocks. The other contributor to this series, Emanuel Datt from Datt Capital, told us that he hadn’t yet found another undiscovered stock with the same attributes as Afterpay – a testament to how rare a company like Afterpay really is.

Responses come from Michael Frazis, Frazis Capital Partners and Dean Fergie, Cyan Investment Management.

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