Livewire – Revealing Afterpay’s secret sauce

01 Oct 2019

One of the key reasons for KFC’s massive success has been its ’11 secret herbs and spices’. As the founder of Wendy’s explained, “everybody wants in on a secret.” The closely guarded secret recipe is securely held in a safe at the KFC headquarters to ensure it’s never leaked. Thankfully for us, the secrets to the success of stockmarket runaway, Afterpay, are not so closely guarded. But unlike the Colonel’s secret recipe, they’re difficult to reproduce.

In the second part of our series on Afterpay, I asked our three expert contributors to share their view on what’s been behind Afterpay’s incredible success over the last 3 years. Responses come from Dean Fergie, Cyan Investment Management; Michael Frazis, Frazis Capital Partners; and Emanuel Datt, Datt Capital.

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