Livewire Video – 5 big issues for investors in 2019

17 Jan 2019

There’s no shortage of big-picture issues playing on investors’ nerves right now. Macro and geopolitical forces have a firm grip on sentiment, and 2018 will be recorded as the year that delivered the highest percentage of negative returns across asset classes.

For the third and final video in our 2019 Outlook series, we’ve selected 5 big issues facing investors today and asked our panel for their views on how these scenarios play out. Will tensions between China and the USA escalate? Can global tech titans stage a recovery? Is Australia about to deliver a negative GDP figure? And what happens to residential property prices in Sydney and Melbourne in 2019?

The 2019 Panel

We’ve now tracked and reviewed over 1000 calls from ~50 fund managers participating in our weekly Buy Hold Sell videos series. The panel this year features the fund managers who have the highest successful hit rates and those who have made the best performing buy or sell calls.