Livewire Video – The #1 stock picks for 2019

13 Jan 2019

Over the past four years more than 50 fund managers have delivered over 1000 calls on our weekly Buy Hold Sell video series. We’ve reviewed the data to see if the fundies were delivering results and which of them had been the best performers.

The results were solid with the top performers striking above 65% accuracy on buy or sell calls. For the second video in our 2019 Outlook Series we’ve invited the top performers to share their #1 stock picks for 2019. We also asked each of the fund managers to nominate an asset or asset class that they think is most likely to deliver a negative absolute return in 2019.

The 2019 Panel

We’ve now tracked and reviewed over 1000 calls from ~50 fund managers participating in our weekly Buy Hold Sell videos series. The panel this year features the fund managers who have the highest successful hit rates and those who have made the best performing buy or sell calls.