Livewire Video – Afterpay: Silencing the doubters

27 Jul 2018

When an Australian company achieves extreme success, there are always plenty of investors doubting the valuation and outlook. Just look at Blackmores, Corporate Travel Management, or Xero. Dean Fergie from Cyan Investment Management says the facts about Afterpay remain;

  • They will account for about $2B of retail sales in Australia this year
  • They have over a million consumer clients
  • They have over 14,000 retail outlets on their books.

“Any high-growth business never looks cheap. They’re always more expensive than those who aren’t invested in them believe they should be. As long as their growth keeps accelerating… I just don’t see any reason the stock price is going to go down for any significant period.”

Watch the full video below to hear Dean’s take on Afterpay’s US expansion.