Cyan profiled in the Australian Financial Review

22 Aug 2016

Why Dean Fergie likes Skydive the Beach, Freelancer, and Afterpay

The impulse for people to share their lives on social media is a significant driver of consumer behaviour and one that fund manager Dean Fergie thinks will be an enduring source of interest for small caps stocks.

One of Cyan Investment Management’s performers has been Skydive the Beach, the listed skydiving operator that drops thrillseekers onto iconic spots such as Mission Beach and Byron Bay instead of paddocks.

“Twenty years ago if I jumped out of a plane, it would be pretty exciting, but I couldn’t tell everyone about it. So my propensity now to do stuff that’s exciting, that’s going to impress my friends is much greater than it was before social media,” explains Fergie, who has skydived.

“There’s massive organic growth in it because of the whole social media side of things.”…..

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