Cyan Featured in Under the Radar Report, 14 April 2016

18 Apr 2016

Under the Radar Report speaks to a small cap fund which has been going for just over 18 months, but has already wracked up a return of 52% after fees. We think that the pair’s common sense philosophy will keep delivering.

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It’s been just under a year since we spoke to Cyan Investment Management and it’s clear that their focus on return on equity is still working. The team of Graeme Carson and Dean Fergie have chalked up an impressive return of 52% to the end of March, from when their fund kicked off about 18 months ago. Both have extensive experience analysing and investing in small caps, and both agree that the secret to a small cap’s success isn’t dividends. The pair’s fund is currently invested in 25 small caps whose market caps are generally between $200m and $500m in market cap. Big performers for the fund have been the Telstra store owner Vita Group (VTG), organic baby formula marketing group Bellamy’s (BAL), the asset manager BlueSky (BLA), the outsourcing specialist Freelancer (FLN) and the panel beater AMA (AMA).

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