Cyan C3G Fund commences investing

30 Jul 2014

Cyan Investment Management Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that the Cyan C3G Fund began investing for its unitholders on 24th July 2014.

Portfolio Manager, Graeme Carson said, “We want to thank our early investors in the C3G Fund for their support and we look forward to developing a long and prosperous relationship together. We will be taking a considered and long-term approach to investing and, with capital preservation always top of mind, we are critically evaluating a number of businesses at present.”

Elaborating on Cyan’s investment strategy, Portfolio Manager Dean Fergie stated, “There are currently some attractive IPO opportunities we are considering for the C3G Fund including; Bellamy’s Organic Foods, an organic baby food manufacturer based out of Tasmania; and Speedcast a global corporate communications company. Of course, the upcoming August reporting season will be an excellent chance to for us to calibrate our earnings expectations with the view to initiating some further positions for the Fund where we see fit.”

For further information please contact Graeme Carson or Dean Fergie on 03 8844 5604 or