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LiveWire – 5 fresh IPOs worth a look

20 Jun 2018

Business news can be seasonally quiet in June with companies approaching reporting blackout. Investors do…

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Cyan Newsletter – 31 May 2018

14 Jun 2018

The C3G Fund delivered a return of +3.4% for the month of May. In almost…

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Livewire Video – Buy Hold Sell: 5 High Flyers at a Discount

06 Jun 2018

Downgrades can be a double-edged sword; they can ravage your existing positions, but they can…

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Livewire Article – The financials that will sail through the storm

01 Jun 2018

The Royal Commission findings have sent a shockwave through the broader financial community. Here we…

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Livewire Video – What’s keeping fund managers up at night?

31 May 2018

There is an endless list of risks for investors to consider. But if we acted…

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Livewire Video – Buy Hold Sell: 5 winners from the royal commission

26 May 2018

The stunning findings from the Royal Commission have triggered tectonic shifts in the financial sector….

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Cyan Newsletter – 30 April 2018

14 May 2018

With a poor return of -5.3% in the month, we’re unhappy to report that April…

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Livewire – Microcap Managers continue to outperform ETF’s

03 May 2018

Microcap outperformance versus large caps and ETF’s Over a 3-year time horizon, active microcap managers,…

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Livewire Video – Focus on the company not the index – Graeme Carson

18 Apr 2018

With value in short supply, managers usually berate the lack of opportunities they are seeing….

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AFR Article (12 April 2018)- Escaping the Blue Sky wreck: Lessons from fund manager Dean Fergie

14 Apr 2018

Dean Fergie’s overwhelming feeling after escaping from Blue Sky Alternative Investments is one of relief….

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